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Transforming School Lunch to Culinary Greatness

As personal chefs, having the opportunity to offer fresh, fun, delicious meals to the youth within our community has been such a wonderful experience. In 2016, we had the chance to start our first culinary adventure working outside of a traditional kitchen, bringing our culinary expertise to a school lunchroom. We quickly knew that this was our passion, as expanding food awareness and curiosity has always been our mission. We have gained so much honor knowing that we can truly make food an exciting, an educational and, most of all, a delicious experience for kids.

At the foundation of our school culinary service is the personalization that we offer to each school that we work with. Our program has culinary artists from our family business crafting each freshly made meal for our students to enjoy. As we have a hands on approach, we take care of all aspects of our culinary services, from mindfully sourcing ingredients, creating menus, taking orders to making and distributing our hand crafted meals. Our service allows schools to focus their energy on education rather than running a lunch program. All of our culinary offerings are made from locally sourced ingredients, are peanut free and are nutritious meals that kids love to eat. In addition to providing an exciting culinary experience to our students, we also offer this experience to the faculty, staff and community members of the schools we work with. Our services are offered for fundraisers, school events and faculty meetings. We are dedicated to feeding and supporting the communities that we work within.

Now you may be asking yourself at this point, what could make this culinary experience any better, not much, besides dessert! Our classically trained pastry chef would definitely agree with this statement. One of our favorite moments in a busy school day is being able to provide classroom birthday celebrations to our students. We offer freshly made and individual packaged cupcakes, ice cream sundaes and many more decadent treats for our students to celebrate their special day.

To all of our past, present and future students, parents, staff and faculty, thank you for letting us share our serves with you!


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