"Fill Your Fridge" Weekly Home Meal Delivery Service

Our weekly home delivery menu offers a delicious assortment of main dishes, sides, desserts, and snacks. We offer only the season’s best produce and farm fresh selections in our handcrafted artesian meals that are delivered right to your front door.


This Week's Menu

Menu Released October 20, 2021

CHICKEN FRITTERS - Country Style “better than boneless wings” Crispy Chicken Breast Bites, Groovy Garlic Dip Sauce

PORK PAZZO - Our Herb Rubbed, Marinated, Slow Cooked Pulled Italian Style Crazy Good Pulled Pork

SEAFOOD SKILLET - Sheet Pan Roasted Tilapia & Gulf Shrimp over Savory Baked Polenta 

EGGPLANT PARMESAN - Non Breaded Grilled Eggplant Stacked with Melted Fresh Mozzarella & Marinara Sauce 

MEATBALL BOWL - Swedish Size Beef & Chicken Meatballs, Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and Creamy Pan Gravy 

BEET SALAD - Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressed Roasted Beets, Toasted Walnuts, Goat Cheese & Garden Peppermint 

CACIO e PEPE - Spaghettini Pasta, Pecorino Romano, Black Pepper & Pepperoni Sauce (vegetarian available) 

BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP - Seasonal, Decadent and Dairy Free, Spiced Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 

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"Fill Your Fridge" Weekly Meal Delivery Service

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